Our product offering includes MRO, Electrical, Power Transmission, Welding, Medical, Janitorial, Shipping and Office Supplies, Production, and Maintenance Fasteners.

Specialty items are not a problem. We pride ourselves on being able to supply the hard-to-find items.

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Diamond: Cutoff Wheels, Dressers, Files, Nibs, Grinding Wheels, Scribes.

Grinding: Cones, Cutoff, Discs, Dressing Sticks Wheels, Segments, Bench Stones, Mounted Points, Raised Hub Wheels, Snagging wheels

Sanding: Belts, Discs, Rolls, Sheets, Flap Wheels, Abrasive Cord

Specialty: Cartridge Rolls, Cross Pads, Slotted Discs, Spiralbands

Chemical Products:

Adhesives, Anti-Seize, Anti-Static, Belt Dressing, Cleaners, Degreasers, Chain Lube, Cold Galvanize, Contact Cement, Epoxies, Instant Glues, Contact Cleaners, Cutting Fluids, Die Inspection, Layout Fluid, Liquid Wrench, Lithium, Lubricants, Mold Release, Paints, Penetrating Oils, Precision Oil, Rust Inhibitors, Silicones, Specialty Adhesives, Stick Lubricants, Striping Paint, Tapping Fluids, Thread Locker, WD-40


Metric, USS, SAE, Stainless, Fasteners: Carriage Bolds, Cotter Pins, Dowel Pins, E-Clips, Eye Bolts, Hitch Pins, Lag Bolts, Pop Rivets, Snap Rings, Spring Pins, Hex Head Cap Screws Gr5 and Gr8, USS & SAE Machine Screws - Flat, Pan, and Round Head Sheet Metal and "TEK" Self Drilling Screws. Socket Head, Button, Cap, Flat & Set Screws.

Nuts: Finished, Heavy, Jam, Nylon Lock, Rod Coupling, Wing

Threaded Rod: USS, SAE, B-7, Stainless

Anchors: Chemical, Drop-in, Epoxy, Hollow Wall, Lag Shield, Nylon, Pin Drive, Plastic, Sleeve, Toggle, Wedge.

Washers: Fender, Flat (USS & SAE) Hardened Flat, Self-Sealing, Split Lock and Star Tooth.

Cutting Tools / Machine Shop Supplies:

Bandsaw Blades, Boring Bars, Brazed Tools, Calipers, Carbide Burrs, Carbide Inserts, Collets, Countersinks, Counterbores, CUtoff Tools, Cutting Lubricants, Deburring Tools, Dial Indicators, Dies, Drill Bits, Endmills, Epoxy Fillers, Face Mills Files, Granite Surface Plates, Grinding Fluids, Hacksaw Blades, Indexable Tools, Layout Fluids and Removers, Lapping Compounds, Micrometers, Milling Cutters, Parallels, Parting Tools, Polishing Compounds, Precision Rules, Reamers, Scribes, Shim Stock, Step Drills, Taps, Taper Gages, Thread Gages, Thickness Gages, Tool Bits, Tool holders (Boring, Drilling, Milling, Turning)

Hand Tools / Mechanics Tools:

Airguns, Bolt Cutters, C-Clamps, Calipers, Chalklines, Crowbars, Dial Indicators, Easyouts, Extension Cords, Files, Flashlights, Grease Guns, Hacksaws, Hammers, Hex Keys, Hoists, Hydraulic Jacks, Insulated Tools, Ladders, Leather Pouches, Levels, Non-Sparking Tools, Nut Drivers, Pliers, Power Tools, Pry Bars, Punches, Putty Knives, Ratchet Handles, Rivet Tools, Rules and Tapes, Saws, Scrapers, Screw Drivers, Soldering Irons, Vises, Tap Handles, Tin Snips, Wire Strippers, Work Lights, Wrenches (Hand, Socket, Pipe)

Janitorial Supplies:

Absorbents (pads, rolls, socks, and clay) Brooms, Brushes, Counter Dusters, Degreasers, Dust pans, Hand soaps, Mops, Mop buckets, Poly Sheeting, Scrub brushes, Spray Cleaners, Squeegees, Sweeping Compound (dust down), Vacuum Cleaners, Waste containers


Anti-seize, Cutting Fluids, Chain Lube, Graphite, Grease, Grinding Fluids, LPS, Liquid Wrench, Lithium Grease, Mold Release, Moly, Gear Lube, Penetrating Oil, Precision Tool Oil, Tapping Fluid, Teflon, Silicone, WD-40, Wire Rope Lube

Machine Shop / Stationary Equipment:

Air Compressors, Arbor Presses, Bandsaws, Belt/Disc Sanding Stations, Clamping KIts, Collett Sets, Cutoff Saws, Cutting Fluids, Digital Readouts, Drill Presses, Edge Sanders, Grinding Fluids, Hydraulic Presses, Jointers, Lathes, Magnetic Drills, Machinists Vises, Milling Machines, Parts Washers, Pedastal Grinders, Pipe Threading Machines, Setup Gages and Accessories, Sheetmetal Brakes & Shears, Slip Rolls, SUrface Grinders, Tables Saws, Tapping Fluids, Task Lights, Wood Planers, Wood Shapers


Material Handling:

Casters, Ball Transfer Tables, Belts, Roller & Skate Chain & Hooks, Chain Pullers, Come-a-longs, Conveyors, Conveyor Belting, Dock Boards, Dock Bumpers, Dollies, Drum Trucks, Dump Carts, Hand Trucks, Hoists, Pallet Jacks, Racking, Scissor Tables, Shelving, Slings, Stretch Film, Carton Sealing and Strapping Tape, Trailer Lights and Fans, Vinyl Strip Doors, Wire Fence

Pipe Valves and Fittings:

Actuators, Beam Clamps, Pipe, Pipe Dope, Pipe Fittings, (black, galv, S80 PVC and SS) Flanges, Hangers, Ring Gaskets (fiber & flexitallic) Packing, Pumps, Pressure Gauges, Regulators, Sheet Gasket, Sight Gauges, Steam Traps, Strainers, Teflon Tap Valves (ball, butterfly, check, gate, globe and plug)

Power Tools:

Angle Grinders, Bandfiles, Biscuit Cutters, Chain Saws, Chop Saws, Circular Saws, Cutoff Saws, Cutout Tools, Die Grinders, Hammer Drills, Heat Guns, Impact Wrenches, Jig Saws, Laminate Trimmers, Miter Saws, Nibblers, Paint Removers, Panel Saws, Polishers, Portabands, Recripricating Saws, Routers, Sanders, Screw Guns, Shears, Side Grindgers, VSR Drills, Vacuum Cleaners.

Power Transmission:

FHP, HTD, Timing, O-Thane, Veelos, V-Belts, Chain Lube, Couplings, DC Drives & Controls, Idlers, Open Gear Lube, Roller Chain, Connecting & Offset Links, Shaft Collars, Sprockets, Specialty Chain

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Products:

Air Compressors, Air Guns, Air Tools, Air Tool Oil, Autodrains, Compression Fittings, Coalescing Filters, Couplings, Hose Clampy, Control Valves, Cylinders, Dryers, Filters, Flow Control Valves, Gauges, Hose, Hose Barbs, Hose Ends, Hydraulic Filters, KC Nipples, Lubricators, Quick Couplers, Hose Menders, Pressure Regulators, Rubber, Plastic Poly and Vinyl Tubing, Tubing Connectors, Solenoid Valves and Accessories, Air, water, Steam, and Hydraulic Hose.

Safety Products:

Back Supports, Dust Masks, Earplugs, Eye Wash Stations, Emergency Lighting, Face Shields, Safety Storage Cabinets, Fall Restraint Harnesses, First Aid Kits, Gas Cans, Gatorade, Gloves, Glasses and Goggles, Hard Hats, Laynards, Locks and Lockouts, Non-Slip Floor Coatings, Mats and Tapes, MSDS Stations, Rainwear, Respirators, Safety Signs, Showers, Spill Kits

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