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Spartan Integrated Solutions Division of Spartan Industrial Supply Co., Inc. is designed to accommodate customers that prefer not to handle all of the aspects of purchasing and maintaining items in their in-plant storeroom. Spartan Integrated Solutions provides services as simple as weekly bin stocking programs to full 24 / 7 staffing and responsibility of all storeroom functions. Each site is custom tailored to meet the specific wants and needs of the particular plant. We don't have a "packaged plan" that we try to make fit, rather, we design each installation to conform to the requirements of each plant to attain a perfect blending of people, services, and products. No two of our sites are the same!


Our philosophy is to provide the best possible products at the best possible price in a timely fashion to reduce your total cost associated wit the engineering, sourcing, purchasing and inventorying items necessary to keep your plant running. We combine the purchasing power of your plant plus all of our other integrated supply sites plus our hundreds of normal industrial accounts to offer significant cost savings on name brand products.


Unlike many integrators, we operate as an industrial distributor, which means, where possible, we consolidate orders to our vendors and have most items shipped to our main warehouse. This allows us to take advantage of quantity discounts and prepaid freight terms that the various manufacturers offer. This consolidation of stock items saves a tremendous amount of money in freight charges, discounts, and paperwork. In addition our service consolidates hundreds of individual invoices per month into 4 invoices per month to significantly reduce your accounts payable, purchasing, and inventory carrying costs.


All of our integrated supply sites are networked to our main computer allowing instant real-time information about order status, stock on-hand, and current pricing for any product in any of our warehouses. If you are broken down and need a purple widget, our site manager can instantly see if any of our sites have it. If so, it can usually be transferred the same day. You have the inventory of all our warehouses available to back you up, should the need arise. Our computer software is a custom system designed specifically to handle multi-warehouse industrial supplies. Reports can be provided in just about any format required. All data is available in Microsoft Access, Excel, or delimited text format for use by your company to analyze spending patterns by any criteria desired.

Current Spartan Integrated Solutions Customers Include:

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